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Day 29 – Add Some Videos to Your Posts

We’ve been working hard and putting a lot of effort into our blog posts over the past month. Since we’re about to wrap up this 30 Day Blogging Challenge and have been working hard, I thought I’d share something quick and easy with you today. Let’s talk about adding videos to your blog posts. We’ll…

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Day 20 – Fast Content Idea: PLR Articles

Today I want to share one of my favorite quick content ideas with you. And it’s using PLR articles to write quick and easy blog posts. PLR stands for Public Label Rights and it is pre-written copy/text/blog posts/reports/articles, etc. that you can use as your own. I have some pretty cool techniques and ideas to…

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Day 19 – Optimizing Images for Different Social Media Sites

We’ve been talking about social media sites for the past few days and I thought it was worth going over the best image sizes for each social media platform. While this is not an all-inclusive list, I’m covering the big 7 sites. For any other niche-specific social media sites you may be using, do a…

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Day 18 – Social Media Love Part 2 – Get Content Ideas

In yesterday’s post we talked about how we can use social media to promote our blog posts. During the process we started establishing a presence on the social media platforms where our target audience hangs out. This step is crucial. You don’t want to use your own favorite social media sites, or the ones where…

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