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Frequently Asked Questions

We got the answers to your questions here

To get the most out of the challenge:

  • This is a 30-31 day challenge. To have the best results please write a blog post each day of the month for a SINGLE website. Do not write alternating posts for 2 websites.


  • This challenge is NOT for sponsored posts. If you are writing a post and getting ANY sort of compensation (free products, free hotel accommodations, free services, etc.) it will be deleted and you will be banned from the Facebook group.


  • Your posts are to be new, for the current day. Please do not post a URL from last week, last month, or last year.


  • A blog post doesn't have to be long, or even always text! Think creatively on those days you just don't feel like writing.


  • Keep it rated G or PG - No adult blogs


  • No blatant advertising posts are allowed on the Facebook group except on designated days - don't worry we will give you a chance to pitch is that is what you do.


  • After you post on your blog, tweet your own post and tag it with #blogboost so we can all find it, read it and retweet it!


  • Share your post on the Facebook group set up just for Challenge participants.


  • Be sure to read and comment on your fellow participants' blogs and get that cross traffic going.


  • Do not automate your posting to the Facebook group - these are subject to removal and could result in you being removed from the group. This means if we see, "John Doe shared La Dee Dah's photo" you may be removed.


  • No linking to other Facebook groups.
  • When using hashtags on the Facebook page, please include #blogboost with any others you are using


  • Be respectful of other participants!
  • The rules are in place to keep this a great community and place to share for all!


  • Admins of the group may ask you to remove or edit a posting. We get it - that misunderstandings happen. Failure to comply or repeat offenses could result in removal from the Challenge.


  • Have Fun!


Questions: (More will be added as questions come in)

Where Do I Blog On Your Site?

You will not be blogging on our site, but on YOUR site! One of the main ideas behind the Ultimate Blog Challenge is that you will be getting additional traffic to YOUR site.

I know I am going to be busy on such and such a day – can I still participate in the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Absolutely! You do not have to post 1 time a day. You can post 2 times a day if you miss a day. Or, better yet – write your post early and schedule it to be published!

Do I need to have my own website to join the Ultimate Blog Challenge?

Nope! You can blog on one of the free sites like Blogger or (It is highly suggested that you get your own hosted web-site soon – you will be better off! Take a look at Free sites vs. Your Own Site for more info.)

Where is the Facebook group?

It is right here -> the Facebook group!

Can I promote a request for support? For example, "This isn't a blog, so that I hope that the Admins will allow this to remain, because I need your help. Please go and UPVOTE the following link on ____?

Sorry, that will be deleted! Only post in the Facebook group with links to your blog post.

Can I ask for people to like my Facebook page?

Please only share posts from your blog; no direct requests to have folks like your page. If you do, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the group.

My blog is not in English. It is in French/Spanish/German/Chinese/something NOT English. Can I participate?

Sorry, this is only for blogs in English.

What is the worst thing to happen if I break a rule?

Life will continue, that is for sure. However, your post in the Facebook group will be deleted and you will be banned from the group. You can no longer participate and you will no longer gain the benefits of being in the group.

Please do not spam the Facebook group.

May I post to a site that is not mine?

Please only share current posts from the website you registered with when you signed up.

I bet it is ok to link to a squeeze page, right?

It depends where you are putting the link.

If the link to the squeeze page is in your blog post and is after you have provided some valuable, useful quality content, you are good to go! In fact, this is a great thing to do!

However, if you add your link directly in the Facebook group, your post will be deleted and you will be banned from the group. Thank you for playing.