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Here’s What to Do Next

1. Download and listen to the teleseminar, “Why Do I Need a Blog?
Even if you have a blog, you will get some great information and ideas from this training!

2. Download and print your calendar to stay on track.

3. Start blogging! If it’s not the 1st yet, you can write posts now and save them as drafts or schedule them to post during the challenge and get a jumpstart. Keep an eye out for the emails from us with a subject line of “[UBC] Day 1 Blogging Ideas & Tips” Starting on the first of the month, you’ll get a new brainstorm idea to help you blog, so you’ve always got something to blog about.

4. Speaking of Connecting, Connect with other members in the Facebook Group?and on Twitter.

5. Share the Ultimate Blog Challenge!??You can use any of the images and below, just link them to (see below)

6. If you have any questions, head over to the Official FAQ Page to see if you have a question there. If not, ask it in the Facebook group!
7. Finally, remember to Have Fun!